Pursuit of Wellness — #51| March madness

Pursuit of Wellness — #51| March madness

March madness fall out for many reasons like unpredictable weather , seasonal change , more daylight. So, let’s make this month interesting with the new Fitness Tip : Watch the Clock

Are you the one who worry lot about your health or have obsessive thoughts on your daily routine? Then, this is for you.

Please don’t overdose or worry or misinformation about health care. Your body itself a clock. It signals or alarms whenever it needs assistance.Fitness , Healthy eating etc etc may sound repetitive but the importance cannot be stressed enough!

Coming to the fitness tip, Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated ,water take of 24–30% your metabolism in an hour. Next is your fitness activity, plan it according to your schedule but fixing one specific time as part of your routine is appreciated as your body will adapt and perform the most.

Choose any form of fitness activity that interests or excites you to take up and continue next day. It can be hitting your gym, mindful yoga or tap into ways.

We’re all on this journey together. Let’s make it healthy!!

Now on to this week’s story

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