Pursuit of Wellness — #50| Happy Leap

Pursuit of Wellness — #50| Happy Leap

Happy Leap Day!! It’s a bonus year with a magical extra day that occurs on years divisible by 4. On this day let us leap into the life we are meant to live 🙂 

On this day,

Leap into Healthy Eating !!

Leap Into Fitness!!

Leap into Healthy Lifestyle!! 

Happy Birthday to all ‘Leaplings’! If you are a leapling or have a leaping friend then we have got exciting gifts. 

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We hope you enjoy your extra day tomorrow

Now on to this week’s story

Internet of Snacks

It’s been around two decades since internet started to accelerate our lives. In the name of development and advancement, machines and equipment got more alive and humans got more torpid. We’ve been hearing to endless advice and solutions regarding our mental and physical health from dietitians, physicians and therapists. Lexicographers found a pool of new words with the increasing demand for various interesting varieties of diet and fitness training. Terms such as Aerobic, Anaerobic, Pilates, Ketogenic diet, South beach diet, Paleo diet, Atkins diet, etc are round the corner 24/7. Continue…..

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