Pursuit of Wellness — #49| Month of Love — Part III

Pursuit of Wellness — #49| Month of Love — Part III

We live in a world with myriad of obligations and distraction that often feels hectic. For us the badge of ‘burnout’ honour sounds pure and perfect saint.But remember this way of living ALWAYS comes at a cost of HEALTH. Remember always never compromise your physical health, diet and/or your mental health. Do not demand instant perfection from yourself. May be sometimes trying to be better makes you feel even more worst. Find ways to manage stress!!

Learn to listen to your body, take time and cook for yourself , make health non-negotiable , move your body in a certain way to be healthy, start with small goals and grow your ability to be mindful around each and everything all day, every day!

Celebrate the month of love with us!!

Happiness and Health is inevitably!!

Now on to this week’s story

Key reasons why smart business leaders invest in Employee Development

It’s a dream of every business leader to build a great business which grows 10x. Everyone likes the fragrance of one hundred percent optimally performing business.

But then, even with the best talents, effective techniques and technologies, it’s almost impossible to near adequate efficiency. At least until we learn the skill of leveraging human resources correctly. No matter how talented employees are, if they are not nurtured and trained enough, then the business continued… 

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