Pursuit of Wellness — #48| Month of Love — Part II

Pursuit of Wellness — #48| Month of Love — Part II

In the month of Self-love February, Embrace yourself! This means not only loving your positive traits, but all of you, as a whole — insecurities, fears, flaws etc.

Once you start loving yourself, Start to make YOU happy ! 

Practice self love, have your own to do list that makes to feel happy and satisfied.

Celebrate the month of love with us!!

Happy and Healthy Living!!

Now on to this week’s story

Why Nobody reads food labels ?

Someone wisely quoted, “ The most important thing to remember about the food labels is that you should stop having foods that has labels.”

Modern lifestyle has presented us with umpteen food choices wrapped in the form of convenience. They capitalise on our taste buds and with addictive flavours ensure that they permanently become a part of our food indulgence.Continue…..
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