Pursuit of Wellness — #47| Month of Love

Pursuit of Wellness — #47| Month of Love 

yeeeehhhh…….!! It’s February!! Month of love, filled with lots of thrill and excitement added with Valentine cards, roses & candies, dinner reservations and What not? But Wait, How much do you love yourself?How often do we nourish our relationship with our-self?

We definitely deserve attention as much as anyone else. Pay attention on how do you breathe, sleep? Attention for our body , mind, the way we eat and much more!!

Eating Mindfully is one the best self-care (Which I decide to share you this month)

First and foremost when it comes to food is always “Appreciate your food” 

Concentrate and sense your meal , Initially start with a small portion take a small bites and chew them thoroughly. Enjoy at least one meal in a day with a family.

Come to the table only with an appetite not in bad hungry. That’s it for this week.

Celebrate the month of love with us!!

Happy and Healthy Living!!

Now on to this week’s story

Fitness tips in work places

Triiiiing… The alarm goes and all you want to do is sleep more but yeah..!!! You can’t. You have this obligation to get up, prepare breakfast and lunch, pack it and rush to your work place to punch the biometric. And, then you sit all day on your hot seat. Typing a strange rhythm on your computer, staring at your screen with so much stuffs scrolling on mind. At times even skipping the lunch!

Have you ever felt a catch in your neck or a lower back ache when you go back to sleep?

Well why do you think that is?

Ummm…Don’t you think most of us spend our waking hours each day at work???

Your body gets rigid sitting in one posture for a long time like without any movement, like a machine rusts when we don’t operate it for a while. Continue…..

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