Pursuit of Wellness — #46|Alignment

Pursuit of Wellness — #46| Alignment

Most people seek fulfillment in life. But only few find alignment with passion, and profession. How about our health then? Many of us lack alignment with our body, initiative to search for it. Are we listening to the our body’s signal?

Are you wondering: Why am I so stressed? Why can’t I make progress on my goals?

Squeezing our-self , forcing to work when the body needs rest and the reflecting is impossible.

Allow it to be comfortable in it’s own way. You can Enjoy life as well make a living. Nothing more precious than embracing your own health, your own inner power!!

Happy and Healthy Living!!

Now on to this week’s story

5 ways to manage Lower Morale among employees

Any achievement worth happening in an organisation is the direct result of the hard work, perseverance and the tenaciousness of the employees/ Partners. Multiple factors determine how the employees act in a company set up and strive to achieve their final goals. Some of them include nicer compensation, lofty goals, satisfaction from professional problem solving etc. Any Issues with any of these and other factors can result in the loss of employee morale…….Continued

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