Fitness tips in work places (Escape your cubicle)

Fitness tips in work places (Escape your cubicle)

Fitness tips in work places (Escape your cubicle)

Triiiiing… The alarm goes and all you want to do is sleep more but yeah..!!! You can’t. You have this obligation to get up, prepare breakfast and lunch, pack it and rush to your work place to punch the biometric. And, then you sit all day on your hot seat. Typing a strange rhythm on your computer, staring at your screen with so much stuffs scrolling on mind. At times even skipping the lunch!

Have you ever felt a catch in your neck or a lower back ache when you go back to sleep?

Well why do you think that is?

Ummm…Don’t you think most of us spend our waking hours each day at work???

Your body gets rigid sitting in one posture for a long time like without any movement, like a machine rusts when we don’t operate it for a while.

So, What do you think you can do to stay fit ? or to strengthen?

Hitting the gym every day , following a strict diet plan??

 Being healthy and fit simply means your body doesn’t become a hindrance to you. You don’t need to do big. You can start by incorporating certain healthy habits in your day to day routine. You can do this by equally maintaining a balance between diet and exercise. Plan your meal according to your day. ( As we have discussed more about healthy eating habits already let’s see about fitness or other wise I would like to call them movements)

Ideally the easiest you can incorporate in your routine with no big investment could be touching your toes once you get up in the morning. This might seem small but this helps in increasing your flexibility.

At work place, try to maintain good postures. Especially while your seated at your hot seat. I know we love to lean in to that comfortable chair, but simultaneously try keeping your back as straight as possible. Don’t be rigid and erect for this, just straight as much as you can.

In the midst of those long sitting, there is no harm standing up and getting rearranged now and then.

When your eyes feel stained staring at your screens. Just close your eyes. Look down and up, side to side, diagonally up and down.

And last don’t feel shy, stretch your arm’s high above and get those knots out of your shoulder and back. Below are some illustrations that you can do, when you get tired of those long sitting hours and if you feel courageous! Happy Health!

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