Pursuit of Wellness — #43| Recharge your batteries

Pursuit of Wellness — #43| Recharge your batteries

We recharge our mobile phones , TV and what not? Regularly without any delay?

But have you ever given a thought on recharging yourself? Why it is necessary to take a break and recharge yourself?

Taking a break doesn’t always mean it has to be long?

Taking small walks during working hours , eating nutritious foods and practicing sports.

Plan your work for the entire week , have a balance between your work life and family life. Some of us are always busy pursuing and caring for things that’s draining energy. Do not force yourself.

So be healthy , be mindful on your rest to maintain a healthy body and a creative mind.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!!

Now on to this week’s story


We all remember the eleven ‘o’ clock bell at school. Where our tummy would grumble loudly and we rush to the cafeteria for samosa and tea. That is how a snack break would normally go. Easily to say, a snack is a meal between two meals. This meal is of such proportions, that it helps in reducing your hunger and doesn’t restrict the quantity consumed during the next meal. It should boost you with energy and not make you lethargic. Above all it must be tasty balanced with healthy….continued

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That’s it for this week.

Be well!!