We all remember the eleven ‘o’ clock bell at school. Where our tummy would grumble loudly and we rush to the cafeteria for samosa and tea. That is how a snack break would normally go.  Easily to say, a snack is a meal between two meals. This meal is of such proportions, that it helps in reducing your hunger and doesn’t restrict the quantity consumed during the next meal. It should boost you with energy and not make you lethargic. Above all it must be tasty balanced with healthy.

Gone are the days where we snacked on everything and anything. Now, not only we are conscious of what we eat but also of what we give to our little one. The need to consume better quality of food has pushed us to travel an extra mile. This not only applies to the meals we eat, but also to the snacks we choose.

Before we choose a snack, the right time to snack should be chosen. Let it be at a time where the tummy begins to howl and not too close to the next meal. Emphasis on the word begins, because with too much of hunger we eat a lot and it is significant not cut it too close to a meal, where we either lose hunger.

The next step involves choosing the right snack: As in choose a snack with benefits. It’s not advisable to munch with respect to available. We should try including healthier foods. Foods with more fibers, proteins and water and reduce sugars and fats. We should try avoiding processed foods. It would be beneficial for us if we consume food that is fresh.

It’s not enough we choosing the right snack but the proportion of snack matters too. Eat consciously. This is possible only if we listen to our tummy. It is very important that we eat to the extent to extinguish our hunger. When we eat more than that, it only invites lethargy in our body.  We should keep small amount of snacks with us all times. This prevents in over eating during the next meal or be drained. For children, it’s best they snack twice a day and they have smaller tummies so, the proportion should vary accordingly. Let us avoid stuffing ourselves and our children with excess.

It is not easy to balance all the above ingredients and finding a perfect snack. So here are few examples of snack ideas

  1. Fresh veggie like cucumber, carrot, turnip with dash of salt and pepper are yum  to have
  2. All fruits, with preference to seasonal fruits. Like watermelons and mangoes during summer.
  3. Dry fruits and nuts
  4. Boiled peanuts, horse gram, chickpeas 

But not all kids would appreciate this. You have to become a little bit innovative in feeding kids. A bit of sweet is cherished by all kids

  1. Jaggery and peanut cubes
  2. Sweeten dry gooseberry
  3.  Dried berries

Here are a few of our own innovative creations that are healthy and tasty as well.

  1. Pepper topper – peanut roasted in pepper
  2. Triberry  medley –  mixture of strawberries, cranberries and golden raisens
  3. Honey roasted cashew – cashew nut roasted with honey, chili flakes and yellow mustard seeds
  4. Oats and nuts ladoo – the perfect blend of nuts and oats with right amount of crunch and energy
  5. Cookies of various millets – filling cookies that don’t anchor you.

It becomes our responsibility to know what we feed ourselves and our children. It is clearly visible   where unhealthy eating habits have lead us to. There is more risk of obesity, heart attacks, cancer, diabetics and what not, now. So, Snack right!