Pursuit of Wellness — #42| Smart snacking secret

Pursuit of Wellness — #42| Smart snacking secret

Snacks, a super healthy meal of the day shouldn’t be multi-tasked. When you eat even a small portion enjoy completely, it’s flavour, texture,aroma.

Plan your snack the previous like your other meal to avoid unnecessary junk snacking. Listen to your body and understand to regulate the feeling of hunger and fullness from being tempted to binge on guilty snacks.

Always remember a simple thumb while choosing your sacks. The snacks should

*Add necessary nutrition and vitamins

*Provide rock star energy to fuel the body

*Curb your appetite and satisfy your craving

Have a Happy and Healthy Snacking !!

Now on to this week’s story

5 ways to manage Lower Morale among employees

Any achievement worth happening in an organisation is the direct result of the hard work, perseverance and the tenaciousness of the employees/ Partners. Multiple factors determine how the employees act in a company set up and strive to achieve their final goals. Some of them include nicer compensation, lofty goals, satisfaction from professional problem solving etc. Any Issues with any of these and other factors can result in the loss of employee morale….continued…

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