Pursuit of Wellness — #41| The Scourge of white

Pursuit of Wellness — #41| The Scourge of white

The white is freaky delicious and that’s almost problem for most of us. The exhilarating white will always keep us at the cloud nine either it is sugar or any cereal carbs which will end in the self loathe at the later stage.

Most white addicts, they impact on obesity and diabetes sometimes leads to death . Apart from this negative thoughts and patterns followed by difficulty in thinking clearly , poor decision, feeling tired or lazy.

The only way to steer clear of white is to quit completely or shed weight .

Give up on processed sugary foods and carbonated beverages replace them fruits rather than completely giving up on sugar. Being consistent through the process, motivate yourself then you will gleefully healthy and sugar free.

Now on to this week’s story

Make that Coffee-Breaks Work — Killer Productivity Hack for Team Building

Sam was a manager in a corporate managing a team of 8 under him. Staring at him was everyday problems of team building — productivity, motivation, and bonding. He had noticed broken groups within the team, fractured communication channel and the team not having each other’s back. Added to it was stress, demanding individual personal lives of his team….continued

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