Pursuit of Wellness — #40| The magic in the mundane

Pursuit of Wellness — #40| The magic in the mundane

At 3 pm your brain starts fogging due to decreased energy level!!

Do you lag in your cognitive skill ? It is due to the mundane monstrousness we do to our body by overeating hell lot of junk foods and snacks along with the carbonated beverage.

Don’t you think this addiction is life-threatening poverty you do to your body which lacks Vitamins and Minerals!!

What do you think could be the best way rescue yourself when hunger pangs hit you hard?

Snacks!! Yeah Healthy snacks….Much on stuffs which has calories along with some essential nutrients.

Let’s say munching on extra cheeseburger will definitively make up for your screwed day mentally. But, physically you are screwing up your body double the time and that’s what the researchers call as emotional eating.

Stop eating emotionally and start snacking smartly. See the Magic of Healthy mundane!!

Now on to this week’s story

Tweak These to Get the Most from Your Millennial Team

If you are reading this, you should either be a millennial, or you would be managing Millennials in various capacities. A generation that is born after 1984 and all the way through 2000, comes with their own specific instruction manual. The world is slowing waking up to the special instructions for this generation. A generation that saw grew with the digital age, exploring a world of innovation, update and versions on a daily basis. Millennial workforce is often considered to be entitled, lazy, unfocused, narcissistic and deeply misunderstood. Many have tried to decode this generation on the go, ‘What would make them stay in this organization longer?’. This was discussed in the last post. Now as we expand the scope, we see to understand what rewards and recognitioncontinued

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