Pursuit of Wellness - #39|No junk November

Pursuit of Wellness — #39| No junk November

Well!! Our favourite festival is over and so the binge eating as well. Do your guilt-free binge session is heavy on your waistline!

Gazing helplessly at the stacked rack of sweets and snacks unconsciously inspite of knowing it is bad for us. The simple science behind this binge eating will surprise you. It is the secret combination of fat, sugar and salt that makes your brain super happy and gets you coming back for more.

To our brain, this combination is interesting and we never get tired of eating them. But hold on, this isn’t the end, scientists have got simple solution for us. 

Yeah!!! The Less junk food you eat, the less you crave it.

Get set and bang on. Let us make this us “ No junk NOVEMBER”

Now on to this week’s story

Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to Snackexperts healthy snacks delivery for your office

At first instance, you might feel that there is a mistake with the title. Trust me — the title is very right :-).

Although we believe Snackexperts is an absolute must for any modern workplace, we get it — its not suitable for every workplace. Our snacks have been designed with the good health of our customers in mind. we design our service to ensure that it fits with all your requirements and being healthy at the continued…..

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