Pursuit of Wellness — #37|Power of Consistency

Pursuit of wellness — #37|Power of Consistency

Are you consistent about eating healthy? Consistent about fitness goals ?

I genuinely meant health and not weight!!

Yes!! We are all perfect in eating healthy and doing exercise till we shed some pounds. Once we are done and get fair round of appreciation we stop there until the next time when somebody says “ Oh , you have put on some weight “ and the cycle continues for next few weeks. Stop putting those limits on yourself and be consistent.

Healthy Eating plans doesn’t need to be perfect, need to consistent.Allow yourself to enjoy some indulgence, which allows you for long term healthy eating habit.

Consistent routine is the new perfection , it an essential part of success.

Don’t fix your fitness goals have a FITNESS ROUTINE!!! Dedication to consistency in your fitness and health.

Now on to this week’s story

Snacking Habits consistently inconsistent

As confusing as the title sounds, so are our eating habits. What would you do to save your job when your manager charges you of inconsistent performance? With the yearend approaching so fast, you would of course try not to jeopardize your career growth. But, why don’t we feel the same when we fall sick? Why is it always health, food, and sleep when it comes to compromising? If you are trying to let your thoughts wave over work pressure and digital dominance, you are clearly playing a blame game with yourselves. It clearly depends on how well we prioritizeand plan things in life. It does not mean that we are inclined to unhealthy habits. We are of course health conscious, but inconsistent. Why? How can we control the nameless drifts from healthy habits? continued…

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