Snacking Habits consistently inconsistent

Snacking Habits consistently inconsistent

Snacking Habits consistently inconsistent

As confusing as the title sounds, so are our eating habits. What would you do to save your job when your manager charges you of inconsistent performance? With the yearend approaching so fast, you would of course try not to jeopardize your career growth. But, why don’t we feel the same when we fall sick? Why is it always health, food, and sleep when it comes to compromising? If you are trying to let your thoughts wave over work pressure and digital dominance, you are clearly playing a blame game with yourselves. It clearly depends on how well we prioritizeand plan things in life. It does not mean that we are inclined to unhealthy habits. We are of course health conscious, but inconsistent. Why? How can we control the nameless drifts from healthy habits? Here is the brief round trip!

Snacking – Boon or Ban

With more than expected influence for fitness and health from media, we are still fighting against healthy eating habits. Many of us blindly think this is because of snacking. Well, it’s not. To be exact, its because of improper snacking habits or pattern. Snacks come to the rescue when your hunger pangs hit you hard at work. It’s more like a filler between the meals. It helps you to have control over overeating. At the same time, it has generous amount of impact when unchecked. Let me throw up a scenario. How about you grabbing a doughnut just because you happen to pass the dining table? Its purely due to temptation. Snacking when you are not hungry is a not a healthy habit and many of us don’t realize that. It doesn’t mean that you must starve yourselves to stay healthy. There are possible effective alternatives to snack healthy without trading off fun.

Why is always a sugary drink and potato chips are considered as snacks? There are also healthy bars, healthy bites and pure sugarfree juices to the rescue. So, its basically the perspective that counts. Try to keep an open mind when you feel like binging. In the first place, why do many us often feel hungry? More than half of the working people skip breakfast, which can lead to excessive snacking. As breakfast is more essential for the energy levels and brain health, replacing it with caffeine and simple carbs is perilous. Incomplete meal or unhappy meal is directly proportional to the rate of snacking between the meals. Try to avoid eating too quickly. Take time to chew and feel the food. Savour until you feel satiated should be the moto behind meals.

Snack is not a stress buster.

Yes! You have read it just right. Gobbling a double cheeseburger to fade your mood for the screwed-up presentation or stopping by an ice cream parlour to make up for the bad day at work is ill-favoured. Studies portray that emotions, be it negative or positive, leads to overeating and it’s also a hurdle to weight loss. Meanwhile, there are other alternatives like

  • Avocados and Bananas
  • Milk and Yoghurt
  • Dry fruits and Nuts
  • Cucumber and Carrots

which would help you fight your emotions and regulate your healthy snaking pattern. Taking a walk, talking to a friend, cleaning your room can also be effective stress busters.

Helpful hints

Some lifehacks can help you out to master the art of smart snacking. Avoid snacking while watching TV or gaming or working. You might lose track of time and the amount of consumption. To avoid such distracted eating, concentrate on your intake. Plan your meal according to your work schedule and eat on time. Drink more water to avoid sugary drinks. Water not only puts your thirst out but also curtails your hunger and scare away the toxins. Try packing a nutritious snack including cut fruits, nuts or oatmeal biscuits to avoid junking at work.Insufficient sleeping also contributes equally to mindless snacking. It is not only what you eat, but when you eat also matters the most. Chomping at nightmay directly affect your metabolism. Our system is basically slowed down at night to refresh the organs and give it some rest. Snacking at night or anywhere deviated from our regular sleep cycle reserves most of the calories and apparently results in weight gain.

Let’s not breach              

You would have probably known most of the above-mentioned causes and consequences. Still wondering why we are not able to maintain a healthy pattern. It’s because of our frame of mind. We easily compromise food when it comes to work. We keep fluctuating from our desired pattern and forget to be consistent. It’s okay to have cheat days to celebrate now and then, but you should also be ready for the detox days. The whole fact of healthy lifestyle relies in balance. Just remember that health is the greatest wealth one can possess.