Pursuit of Wellness - #36| Taste and Emotions

Pursuit of wellness — #36| Taste and Emotions

Have you ever noticed the flavour and aroma reminds us about our childhood memories?

The first candy in the school , mom’s hot soup in the cold , first self cooked dish as the list continues. Yeah!! FOOD and MEMORIES are linked by the powerful essence flavour. The olfactory senses has an uncanny ability to precisely detect many different combinations of smells and flavours.

We all have taste receptors in our tongue which has a super connection with the parts of our brain that holds particular memory and emotion about the food people and place. Its due to the neural function influenced by the receptor but it still remains as a mystery and baffling scientists on how they are linked. 

Now on to this week’s story

Gen Z — the latest contemporary

What is Gen Z? Why is it the sensational talk of the town? What makes Gen Z so exceptional? Are they stepping into workforce? What are their expectations? What impact do they create? These questions seem to be bothering many, as Gen Z is moving towards their adulthood. Here is the brief glimpse of the youngest continued……….

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