Pursuit of wellness — #35| Bites and Bytes

Pursuit of wellness — #35| Bites and Bytes

Bytes make you fatter than the bites!! 

Have you ever tried eating with your fingers Mindfully?

Mindfully? Yes!! Without any distraction noticing the effects food has on your figure and appreciating your what you eat. 

Study says, eating with spoons and forks scrolling through your mobile or desktop screen results in binge eating. Also eating a bigger portion size in a short time, mindlessly and without control contributes to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

Fundamentally, mindful eating involves:

 ->eating slowly enjoying each bite without distraction

->fell the senses by smelling the aroma and flavour, texture with your finger followed by the bite sound

->distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating. 

Best example for the non-hunger triggers are your POPCORNS, with empty calories.

Try eating with your hand mindfully, ofcourse you will enjoy the great pleasure which follows — grabbing your favorite food between yourfingers, becoming acquainted with the texture and temperature of the food and slowing chew thoroughly till you enjoy the essence of food. This will not only improve your digestion but you will become more aware of the process of eating as you experience it with all your senses.

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