Gen Z – A sneak peek

Gen Z – A sneak peek

Gen Z – the latest contemporary

Okay! Wait a minute! What is Gen Z? Why is it the sensational talk of the town? What makes Gen Z so exceptional? Are they stepping into workforce? What are their expectations? What impact do they create? These questions seem to be bothering many, as Gen Z is moving towards their adulthood. Here is the brief glimpse of the youngest generation.

Contouring roughly between mid-1990s and early 2000s as their period of birth(that is 1996 and 2015), Gen Z is the newest and the youngest generation, following the Gen Y or Millennials. Their current age ranges from 4 to 24. They were also called as post-millennials, Gen Tech, Net Gen, Digital Natives, Plurals and so on. These names would have already given few obvious answers about what Gen Z is and who Gen Z are. Yes, they are the most independent but technology dependent generation.

Usually unusual -aren’t they?

Gen Z has grown up in the atmosphere of technology, which is present wall-to-wall. The younger part of the generation might not be aware of the other environment that existed at all. Though they share a common ground with Millennials in many aspects, what makes them distinctive is their perception and inclusivity.Let’s jot down some of their peculiarities:

  • Unlike the other generations, they like to control every outcome and tend to bear the responsibility of their actions.
  • Gen Z is even more diverse and ready to collaborate with various racial, ethnic and religious communities. They are uncomplaining of differences and it makes them the accepting generation.
  • Almost 63% of the Gen Z are willing to learn about entrepreneurialism, says the survey of North-Eastern University. This again depicts how realistic and self-sufficient the Gen Z are in moulding their future.
  • Being the digital natives, Gen Z sponge up plenty of information every day. With such illimitable inform-ation at hand, they are ever willing to explore something new.
  • This generation is does not rely on their parents compared with the other generations. They show a tendency of being independent and their hold on the internet and technology helps them to earn at much earlier age than their parents.
  • Gen Zers demonstrate multitasking as a habit. The statistics of Common Sense Census mimics the fact, as 50 to 76% of the cohort declares that they watch TV, surf through social media, listen to music, drop a text while doing their homework. It also adds up to give a clear view on their efficient management of work and study, at a very young age.
  • Gen Zers are more creative and seek uniqueness in all walks of life

Workforce and workplace

With all the eyes on them, Gen Z is entering the workforce with redefined work culture.Having lived in a connected world with various technologies and advancements since birth, they are adapted to constant updates and changes. They can quickly absorb and adjust to new platforms. As mentioned earlier, they are better at multitasking irrespective of the disturbances which drives them to achieve more work‑life balance than the others. Their readiness to accept differences of opinion benefits them in being collaborative and team friendly.

Gen Zers are pragmatic and analytical about anything and everything they deal with. They are more futuristic and would incline towards a flexible environment to work with. Hence, attaining longevity out of this digital generation would be challenging for the employers. It can be still be made possible if the employers understand the trends and patterns of Gen Z. Providing an environment with advanced career opportunities that involves philanthropic activities and community building can keep them engaged. Contrary to the other generations, Gen Z is financially focussed. That being the case, valuing them with financial rewards would accelerate long-term performance. Feedbacks also serves as one of the best key drivers of motivating the youngest gen as they value individuality and highly demand timely recognition.

Eating quirks of Gen Z

Like every other mannerisms of Gen Z, eating habits are also greatly influenced by the internet and their passion towards diversity. More than half of the Gen Zers enjoy ethnic cuisines (26% Indian cuisine, 38% Middle Eastern cuisine, and 27% African cuisine). It also postulates their exploring and experimenting nature. They are revolutionizing food patterns by snacking between their meals. They are attracted to easy-to-prepare meals such as frozen foods or microwavables to support their busy schedule. Despite the affinity towards such instant foods, equal amount of Gen Z is surprisingly health conscious. They are inculcating such healthy snacking habits among their acquaintance circle by setting a trend. Nearly 60% of the Gen Z is unapologetically investing in wellness and fitness.            

Where do they lag?

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. Technology and Gen Z are intertwined, resulting in lower concentration levels. Their average attention span lasts for the maximum of about 8 seconds – a disastrous set back compared to other generations. This makes the communication with Gen Z more challenging and laborious. The companies are striving hard to attract their attention.Agree it or not, technology promotes laziness. With bundle of information on their fingertips, Gen Z has totally forgotten about libraries, museums and so on. This also sheds light on their over-reliance on technology. They would find it hard to survive in an environment without technology. This in turn creates a domino effect – job hopping. Their constant longing for change and excitement makes them less persistent to stay in a company. The recent statistics of American Psychological Association’s annual stress in America brings out that 91% of Gen Z experience more anxiety and depression. This is nothing but a by-productof limiting their circle to online friends and leading an inactive lifestyle. Their all-time bombardment with the social platforms feeds them with the innumerable unpleasant and hideouscrimes across the globe. This in turn creates a negative impact on their mental health leading to stress and depression.

Final thoughts

Precisely, Gen Zers are highly competent, practical and idealistic technoholics. They visualise themselves as a part of global community. Be it financial stability or valuing individuality, they outsmart the other generations in all spheres of life. Their respect towards diversified culture and ideas is remarkable. Their outlook towards education and spending habits is the catalyst of their progress. Irrespective of their merits and demerits, they are the biggest hope for the change in future. With the oldest of Gen Z just stepping into workforce, giving a complete picture of them is a hard nut to crack. Let’s not be judgemental and welcome them with the positive mindset. Here you go Gen Z! The future is yours to build!