Pursuit of wellness — #34 |The brain hacker

Pursuit of wellness — #34 |The brain hacker

Almond,”The Brain Hacker, Brain Food”!!! We often come across these cliches,but have you ever thought why to eat those almonds especially to soak them in water before we consume and how it is helping to improve our cognitive power? 

You can eat almonds as you like, handful or you can flick them into your mouth one by one, or blend them up into smooth, sweet butters but the almonds need to be soaked in water. The phytates and enzyme inhibitors that make nuts so tricky to digest and that’s why to easily neutralize the almonds, it can be soaked in salt water and then dried.

Okay!! But how do the almonds can increase brain power and boost memory?

It is the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in almonds help increase intellectual levels and the magnesium in them help strengthen the nerves in the brain.

Now on to this week’s story

Caught in the web?

Actions are followed by our thoughts. To achieve what is desired, one must have a clear mind! Let’s peep into our mental space!

“Did I post my breakfast meal in Instagram?”, “Burgundy suit or black dress for a meeting?”, “Look at her abs!! I should start working out from today”, “When should I pay my credit card bills?”, “Should I colour my hair?”, “Is there a flash sale in Amazon?”, … OMG!! What do you think these are? Myriad thoughts of nothingness. This is the problem that most of us are wrestling with. With such muddled thoughts, how can we balance and achieve what we aspire…..Continued

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