Caught in the web?

Caught in the web?

Caught in the web?

Actions speak better than words, we all know. Whereas, actions are followed by our thoughts. To achieve what is desired, one must have a clear mind! Let’s peep into our mental space!

“Did I post my breakfast meal in Instagram?”, “Burgundy suit or black dress for a meeting?”, “Look at her abs!! I should start working out from today”, “When should I pay my credit card bills?”, “Should I colour my hair?”, “Is there a flash sale in Amazon?”, … OMG!! What do you think these are? Myriad thoughts of nothingness. This is the problem that most of us are wrestling with. With such muddled thoughts, how can we balance and achieve what we aspire?

Junking one’s head with such tangled ideas seems to be the major problem of this media-driven century. Following are some of the tips and tricks to aim for clear mental space.

  1. Limit the Unlimited

Our lives have changed from stroll and rest to scroll and post. Social media keeps us enthralled by its unlimited and unproductive feeds. What is the point of watching cooking videos in Instagram, if you have no idea of cooking? I don’t intend to mean that your brain is distracted, but overstimulated. Although we learn a lot through social media, we are forgetting to realize that we are getting parasitic to it. What is the aftermath?

  • Comparison – a road to mental messiness. It loots our metal space and makes our heartdiscontentedwith life, which eventually disturbs the routine
  • Time sink – It loots our valuable time and we tend to procrastinate
  • In-person communication is losing its quality, as we become more acquainted with “Live” chats
  • Fear – This is the attribute of comparison to be exact. The feeling of inferiority, about almost everything, haunts us and we become the victim of self-shaming
  • Lack of acceptance – We fail to appreciate what we have and grieve over the things that we don’t own, or we need not own

We are all mindful about the after-effects yet continue to keep scrolling. Losing control over mental space is what it depicts – a threatening reality. Such unwanted encounters can be avoided by curbing your scrolling time and doing something real-time. There are apps like Flipd, YourHour, Moment, Offtime, Screen Time, Daywise, etc., to limit the usage of social media by scheduling timeouts.Once you start curating your screen time, you will be able to focus even more effortlessly. Don’t let the digital flamboyance steal the intrinsic hues of your life.

  • Obey the three laws of health

First law- Healthy feast will deal with the beast

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Skipping breakfast seems to be the modern compromise nowadays. How many of us are aware that skipping breakfast will have a negative impact on our memory and drain down our energy levels? Your breakfast plays a major role in keeping your system boosted for the entire day. Are we mindful about the sip of refreshment or the bite that we take while working? It doesn’t mean you should have a stringent diet plan to follow. There are health-giving alternatives like nourishing snacks and infused water to quench your flames.Why not try that instead? Healthy intake will have an observable effect on your day-to-day life.

Second law – Skip and swim to mop the mess

Believe it or not, physical exercises have a significant control over our metabolism and mental health. If you are a couch potato at work, you brain function is at stake and you feel groggy throughout the day. Take a break every 2hours and just roam around your workplace to refresh your blood flush and augment your critical-thinking skills. Workouts can do wonders! Is your busy schedule keeping you away from exercises? Here is the smooth substitute – “8 Walking” or “Infinity Walking”. It’s nothing but walking on the shape of 8, both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, 15 minutes each. Yes! It’s as simple as that. It’s not always necessary that your work out should involve squats and planks to neutralize your excessive sitting. This infinity walking activates all the organs as you walk and helps you achieve concentration. It has a remarkable impact on improving eyesight and ensures effortless breathing. Walking barefoot energizes your pressure points. Specifically, it makes you ready for a day-long work by detangling your mental hodgepodge. In addition to that, there are various desk-friendly exercise to avoid getting dethroned at work.

Third law – Sleep tight to save a fight

Swimming in Netflix after 10 hours of work with no proper food, at 2.00AM, is costing 7 years of your life with anxiety and depression as a fringe benefit. We need to rest and relax for the immune system to function accurately. Sleep deprivation is the root cause for poor mental space. It leads to lack of energy that affects your personal health and productivity causing a ripple effect. Our mental clarity reaches its critical point without rest, resulting in intense stress. This third law is easy to adapt if you obey the last two laws properly. Healthy diet and an active lifestyle promote sleep automatically.For the contrasting scenario, Kiwi fruit is the most suggested superfood. It is proven to increase sleep quality by 14% and induce happy hormones to fight mood swings. Sleep quality can be increased by maintaining consistent bedtimes as well.Reading a good book before bed can relax your mind and enhance the quality of sleep by generous amount, say 68%. Let’s read!

  • Get your act together

Despite being the last point of this article, it is of paramount importance. No matter how collectively you read, you will forget, or may have forgotten already, once you indulge yourself in other chores. The best way to keep something intact to your routine is by practicing it. I cannot assure you that practicing the above-mentioned tips will make you perfect, but it will make you better for sure.Precisely, clear mental space is the sine qua non of both professional and personal wellness.

Okay! You have been straining your eyes for quite some time. Why not close it up and get busy with execution? And, Yeah! Strictly no procrastination. Act NOW!