Pursuit of wellness — #33 |Foods and Faces

Pursuit of wellness — #33 |Foods and Faces

So, there comes a day where we decide go on a strict diet for a healthy lifestyle and we start browsing for all diet charts, get advise from a friend and what not?

Do you think a single diet that suits everyone? 

There is no such thing as PERFECT DIET that suits everyone, there are hell lot of things when it comes to diet. Some go for low carbs or high fat, some choose to go for water diet with no food at all.

I completely understand we all want instant result rather than playing a long game listening to our body and accepting the gradual changes. Is that a healthy stand? No , not at all!! What comes easily will go easily. 

Now do you want to know what diet suits you?

A person’s diet needs to evolve as their body begins to change. It has lot of factors such as the activity level, your age, your gender, your environment and of course your goals.

Let’s face it,Choose wisely!!

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