Pursuit of wellness — #32 | Sitting Vs Smoking

Pursuit of wellness — #32 | Sitting Vs Smoking

Why sitting and smoking are often compared?

Smoking, the biggest health disaster. It has the risks of premature death and cancer. How can the sitting be compared to smoking? A study conducted by British Journal of Sports Medicine says “ Smoking increases the risk of premature death approximately 180 % while sitting it is 10–20%.

But, in general, we sit for more than half of our waking hours. These long hours of sitting like couch potato not only causes assorted aches and pains in the body but also the main culprit for Obe-sit-y including poor circulation.

We are designed to walk, dance and what not? So, let us stop pulling the chairs and start running. It is a healthier way of living and working!! Support and encourage employees to live healthier lives.

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