Pursuit of Wellness - #30|Big Boss

Pursuit of wellness — #30 | Big Boss

Big Boss!! Curious to know who is the Big Boss?

Here we reveal!! 

Nonetheless , your BIG BOSS is your HEART….one who works nonstop day and night. He beats about 1,15,000 times a day approximately pumping 2000 gallons of blood. 

 Don’t you think it is more important to take care of him inspite of your busy schedule ? Here are the simple and quick tips to make your boss happy and healthy!!

Wake up, go around for jog, laugh out loud , go fish , know your numbers, cut the fat , take stairs,pump some irons and go nuts. 

Now on to this week’s story

The Secrets of Healthy Snacking for Kids + 5 Easy Adopt Habits

Obesity is a preventable epidemic, and all that it requires is some effort for a healthier tomorrow. Managing your career, home and kids is never easy. We hear you. Providing your family, especially the growing kids with healthy food is a challenge. You are up against pre-packed snacks, and fast-foods, tantrums…Continued…

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