Pursuit of Wellness - #29|Hack your Hanger!!

Pursuit of wellness — #29 | Hack your Hanger!!

Food!!We think about it most of the time, it dictates our mood, health, wellbeing. We even socialize with people using food, hanging out for coffee , inviting people for dinner and many more.

Have you ever experienced your close friend reacting crazy in a fraction of second while having a serious conversation? That’s because she has gone too long without eating due to her deadlines and workload.

We call it Hangry….!!

Here’s the thing.

Hangry = Hunger + Angry

The hunger hormone ghrelin, the one which increases our appetite.But still what makes us to to take rash decision?

It’s ghrelin’s friends (glucagon, epinephrine, adrenaline, cortisol and neuropeptide released during stress) who create anger and aggression. All these people together make us go evil at the most important event.

To keep hanger in control , appropriate eating habits are must. I’m not going to say you to have all your meals regularly, should not skip anything blah blah! To make it simple , whenever you feel you are going to have a long day fill up your box with dry fruits ( sweet tooth) , seasoned nuts (spicy craving) or with some Cummuber and Jamun for the fun loving day.

Now on to this week’s story

Internet of snacks

It’s been around two decades since internet started to accelerate our lives. In the name of development and advancement, machines and equipment got more alive and humans got more torpid. We’ve been hearing to endless advice and solutions regarding our mental and physical health from dietitians, physicians and therapists. Lexicographers found a pool of new words with the increasing demand for various interesting varieties of diet and fitness training. Terms such as Aerobic, Anaerobic, Pilates, Ketogenic diet, South beach diet, Paleo diet, Atkins diet, etc are round the corner 24/7. Whatever, when push comes to shove, it’s all about food and physical activities. After a great deal of time and effort, two third of the population seem to be bothered about their health, finally. Social media and other easily available mediums always talk about all these diets and fitness programs and how badly significant they are in our lives, but most of the time, they forget to contribute something to the inevitable part of any fitness program, that is PRE WORKOUT SNACKING and POST WORKOUT SNACKING Continue….

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