Pursuit of wellness — #28 | Bullet Proof Version

Pursuit of wellness — #28 | Bullet Proof Version

To the coffee geeks out there!!!

Is your daily dose of coffee just not enough for you????? Looking for something a little extra?

Then “BULLET PROOF COFFEE” is for you!!

Bullet proof??? Yeah, you heard it right!! An American Biohackers Asprey invented a diet friendly coffee, and named it as BULLET PROOF COFFEE.

The drink is nothing but freshly brewed coffee blended together with unsalted butter or you can also replace these healthy fats with organic ghee, without adding artificial sweeteners to the drink. Adding a pinch of cinnamon to your drink makes it tastier and Keto friendly.

Drinking a cup of bullet proof coffee as the first thing in the morning, makes your hunger stay calm, fuels your body with instant energy, breaks down unwanted fats, importantly a cup of bullet proof coffee immunizes your body, gives you mental clarity by working on your cognitive function, as per researchers and other dieticians.

Compromising a little with the taste is no harm when you have zillions of benefits!!

Now on to this week’s story 

Make that Coffee-Breaks Work — Killer Productivity Hack for Team Building

Sam was a manager in a corporate managing a team of 8 under him. Staring at him was everyday problems of team building — productivity, motivation, and bonding. He had noticed broken groups within the team, fractured communication channel and the team not having each other’s back. Added to it was stress, demanding individual personal lives of his team.

If you have been in Sam’s shoes; or if you are able to understand this situation by being an in-member of the team, this is for you. Teams are simple to manage but not easy….continued….

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