Pursuit of Wellness - #27| To Be or Not to Be

Pursuit of Wellness — #27| To Be or Not to Be

“ To be or not to be” is one of the recognizable line of the William Shakespeare. Obviously, if someone asked to quote your famous line of Shakespeare this is the one that first comes to mind for most people. 

It is, of course, from his famous play Hamlet’s Act III, Scene 1

The lesson from the first six words “ To be or not to be” means a lot ………… It is the question , it will not teach you how to act but it remind how to be.

So … keep it simple and clear.

‘To be healthy not to be healthy’ ( eating pattern interpretation), or as ‘To be alive or not to be alive’?

Now on to this week’s story

Want your child to make healthy food choice 90% of the time? 

Only 90% of the time?” let me start by telling you that 90% is a highly optimistic figure, being parents/caretakers, you would know that. The bigger question is, how to make your kids choose healthy most of the time? Or more importantly, what would make them want to make healthier eating choices?

Before we go any further, how much aware are the adults about food and nutrition? How often are there….continued…

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