Pursuit of Wellness - #26| Mind the gap

Mind the gap between your meal and snack. Yeah!! it’s always super important to monitor when and what do you eat!!

Hunger is the main motivation behind each of us who snack during the odd times.

But…. sometimes it’s the HANGER… Ufff!!

Whether it’s a fight with your spouse, a deadline at work or simply just too much to do concurrently your energy bank is totally evacuated and we end up eating ravenously.

Well…. May be you don’t have the time and it was all you could grab, or the only option left behind to reward yourself

But is all this “reward” really helping or hurting you?

Consider switching to HEALTHY SNACKS.

Fix your eating pattern , say for example it can be 3:2 meal and snack ratio or it can be according to the diet you follow.

Finally……we have something for everyone and the whole package is worth checking out!

We are always ready to help you with good choices.

 Just give it a try!! May be you will like them!

Now on to this week’s story

Want your child to make healthy food choice 90% of the time? Know the Secrets!

Only 90% of the time?” let me start by telling you that 90% is a highly optimistic figure, being parents/caretakers, you would know that. The bigger question is, how to make your kids choose healthy most of the time? Or more importantly, what would make them want to make healthier eating choices?

Before we go any further, how much aware are the adults about food and nutrition? How often are there conversations happening around what one eats, and how it affects us? continued….

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