Pursuit of Wellness - #25| Balance for better

Pursuit of wellness — #25 | Balance for better

Sunday was mother’s day rather than busy wishing “Happy Mother’s Day” on your Whatsapp status and facebook what was the one thing you did do make your mumma happy? 

A bunch of roses? Saree? Surprise dinner ? Do you really think that made her blushed? Certainly not!! 

Well, well, well!! It’s the little encouragement from each of you to give her the confidence to take a leap: If you know a woman who could make an impact, encourage her offering inspiration and resources. 

Because…….#BalanceForBetter begins at home!

Our mother’s are multitasking, achieving, setting standards, but are they taking care of themselves? Are they paying attention to their health?

Gift your iron lady with good healthy and help them by sharing their chores. 

OMG…We know you are busy too but still…but packing your own lunch, ironing your clothes and lot more simple things you do for her will make her day better.

Let us join hands to lead a healthy lifestyle!!

Celebrate each day as mother’s by #BuildingTogether for an equal future.

Now on to this week’s story

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Weight, a crucial factor that we monitor for one’s well-being. As cautious as we like to be, most of us constantly monitor weight through various ways. We are critical about it everyday when we see an adult, a teenager, a toddler and even a baby. We are worried if we are normal or on the upper scales. Almost 60% of people are over-critical about their weight or someone else’s. Body shaming has a larger impact on a person’s well-being. No one has the right to criticize or comment about another person’s weight. There could be a lot of history behind why someone is what they weigh today.Continued……

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