Pursuit of wellness - #24| For whenever summer takes you, sweat it out!!

Pursuit of wellness — #24| For whenever summer takes you, sweat it out!!

Dear Snacking nation!!

This summer let’s sweat it out!! Log off & shut down, get your shoes ready and make your workout schedule.

Trust me , it’s gonna be worth it!

Normal sweating is certainly good. It’s the natural process by which your body cools itself during an intense workout or on a sweltering summer day.

Plan your schedule as per your convenience in spite of your rotating working hours . To make it interesting , run in the morning , swim in the noon, play shuttle or tennis in the late night or sometimes go for a ride to relax and refresh.

I know it sounds pretty unbelievable to be true but it’s super rewarding for your body. 

As you experience all the wonderful milestones of summer, remember to drink plenty of water and eat a diet rich in hydrating whole fruits and vegetables to keep you going strong all summer long. Your body (and mind) will thank you!

Now on to this week’s story 

Want your child to make healthy food choice 90% of the time? Know the Secrets!

“Only 90% of the time?” let me start by telling you that 90% is a highly optimistic figure, being parents/caretakers, you would know that. The bigger question is, how to make your kids choose healthy most of the time? Or more importantly, what would make them want to make healthier eating choices?

Before we go any further, how much aware are the adults about food and nutrition? How often are there conversations happening around what one eats, and how it affects us? If these are something new, fret not. Continued….

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