Pursuit of wellness - #23 | An Endgame!!

Pursuit of wellness — #23 | An Endgame!!

All I care about is Avengers Endgame and like maybe 3 people and food!!

I still remember the line “Food and water ran out four days ago”, Tony tells us in the first Avengers!! 

FOOOOODDD…..!! When it comes to food particularly snacks I always try to understand the magical present in the junk snacks from yummy samosa with tea to packet of air filled potato chips and the list goes which makes us go crazy and leads us to vicious cycle. It is creating a world that lives in the wake of the Thanos “snap.”

So we deal with trauma and the dire nature of what do we do now? 

Infinity War turns around Thanos’ prior

Wait…!! After a couple of logical and scientific research , we collected all the information about the infinity stones : Sugar, Maida, Preservative, Colour, Flavour and the hidden Trans fat which are the greatest villains of all time. It begins with that and ends on such a fantastic note of snackexperts’s growth.

This leads to us to the genuine connection with the traditional and healthy snacks.

Now onto this week’s story

Summer Treats for toddlers to Beat the Heat!

Summer is here !! There’s going to be more sweat, water playtime throughout the day and enough dirt to keep parents busy. If you have a toddler, you’d agree this is a smaller list of problems this summer. Still, what’s more important is how toddlers are going to manage the heat waves this year. As a toddler, this could be their first summer of weaning completely, so it is important to keep them comfortable……..Continued…..

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