Pursuit of Wellness #22| Days of Summer

Pursuit of wellness — #22 | Days of Summer

Dear Snacking nation!!

It’s officially summer now!! OMG! MORE I say! The children are already on vacation and how do you engage them? 

“GASP! Hold. The Cell Phone ,The Laptop!! Ushhhh….yeah with that children won’t distrub us!!

But , Wait….we forgot to worry about the potentially negative effects.That’s something we’ve never considered. It sounds fantastic when you gloss over it like that. But let’s really look at their future, when they look back , what will be their childhood memories? With the Cell Phone and Laptops…? GOD!! that’s so pity..

Childhood is inherently magical, even if it’s is not perfect.

What was your childhood memory? Kites, Stamp collection, Mango picking..what more? Those were truly the golden days!!

Are you really giving them a wondrous life?

It is never too late to have a happy childhood …involve making a simple diamond shape kite and give them the snacks they love!! 

But make sure they are Healthy and fueling your child. 

Now on to this week’s story

5 Summer Treats for toddlers to Beat the Heat!Summer is here. There’s going to be more sweat, water playtime throughout the day and enough dirt to keep parents busy. If you have a toddler, you’d agree this is a smaller list of problems this summer. Still, what’s more important is how toddlers are going to manage the heat waves this year. As a toddler, this could be their first summer of weaning completely, so it is important to keep them comfortable with……Continued….

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