Pursuit of wellness - #21 |Spring has already sprung!!

Dear Snacking nation !!

Changing seasons is a great time to reflect on bigger changes and get excited about new beginnings. This summer is a beautiful reminder of the importance of water. It reminds of making every drop count on the longest summer day. It might just be the most important and the most intimate, But the real problem here is that we know the problem exists and we still haven’t done enough to fix it. Right now, it’s time!!

We’ve raked up some tips that’ll help you fall into something new and simple!!

  1. Eat your water
  2. Keep your water filters clean, wash water containers regularly
  3. Avoid dehydrating foods and drinks
  4. Move around and Get off your smartphone

Hope these tips help to ward off dehydration and make you feel fresh!!

Now on to this week’s story

How To Snack Smart This Summer

It was one of those April days when the summer sun can cause a pine to blaze and mom was busy doing the household chores. The kids were bored of having their usual snacks and whined to have something new but mother didn’t heed to what her children were saying. Without mom’s knowledge, they immediately ran to the nearby store to check out for some new snack varieties just to realize that everything was the same. In the meantime, mom started prepping up to give her kids a delightful surprise. Utterly disappointed, they returned home and Voila! Mom had set the table with some yummy snacks. The kids thoroughly enjoyed every bite and praised their mom for delighting them with something different. This is a common scenario in many households where kids always want variety.

When summer is round the corner with so many weeks stretching ahead to keep the kids entertained, moms have a tough time deciding what to dish out each day in between meals by trying to keep them free from hunger pangs. They constantly run out of snacking ideas and are always on the lookout for new and healthier options. But kids seldom know the importance of healthy snacks and crave for the regular potato chips, chocolate, and ice cream. This is where mothers have to take a step back and not give up.

Have you ever wondered how to create a balance between your children’s cravings and making them eat healthy foods? Talking to them doesn’t help so the best bet would be to involve them in deciding what to eat. Let your kids choose healthy food options they like to eat. Allow them to make sensible choices so that they don’t miss out on nutrition. Kids these days love to cook and spend time in the kitchen so you can make them participate actively. Keep things bite-sized or cut into fun shapes to control serving sizes. Portability is important. Kids are on the go, so their snacks should be able to go with them.

Trying to avoid snacks high in sugar and lacking in nutritional value can be a huge challenge because cakes and pastries are the easy go to options and it simply wouldn’t be right to keep them away from their favourite snacks…..Continued….

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