Pursuit of wellness - #20 | Hydrate

Pursuit of wellness — #20 | Hydrate !!!

Dear Snacking nation!!

Not a day goes by without knowing about all the new and sometimes crazy Apps that are introduced to help us with our life. The other day during a casual browse I was introduced to an App that helps to remind us to drink water !!!

Isn’t that a bit too much.

Feeling thirsty and drinking water is a part of fundamental human physiology and water is the prime nutrition for human beings to regulate bodily activities. Man can go on for many days without food but not for long without water. But the modern era is throwing a crazy challenges on us and we are forced to even forgo drinking water in everyday busy schedules.

Many modern lifestyle diseases can easily be avoided if we can take deep breathes and drink adequate water. It is very difficult to arrive at correct water requirement per person as it varies widely with respect to food, body type, weather conditions etc. Best hack here would be to drink a few sips once every two hours throughout the course of a day to keep up with the water loss and keep you sufficiently hydrated. These water breaks can also be used for a little mind-fullness among daily madness 🙂

Now we can get on with the stories of this week.

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Before we go any further, how much aware are the adults about food and nutrition? How often are there conversations happening around what one eats, and how it affects us? …….continued…….

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