Pursuit of wellness - #19 | To carb or not to carb.

Pursuit of wellness — #19 | To carb or not to carb.

Dear Snacking nation!!

Recently going keto has caught the fancy of dieting crowd and people feel that generation of ketones in the body will lead to burning of the fat in the body thereby reducing the stored body weight. The main recommendation for maintaining the Keto is that the total carbohydrate content should be maintained less than 20 grams.

Now the game is to structure your diet in such way as to maintain the 20 grams number which not only rules out majority of the junk foods but also fibre rich carbs such as wheat , moderate quantity of rice etc.

The better understanding of the metabolic processes and the macros responsible for building of the body mass gives us to options to work out better food choices based on our preferences and the long term sustainability. Before finalising any diet ask yourself a question whether you can do this on a long run ?

On a similar note, if you have decided to restrict your carbs to less than 20 grmas, then what is the plan when you reach your ideal weight. How are you planning to incorporate Carbs into your lifestyle ?

Afterall dieting and watching numbers is not everything in life. Its good to enjoy your carbs once in a while but that must be earned 🙂

Not all carbs bad — Be judicious 😉

Now on to this week’s story

6 Ways to Build an Exercise Routine that Works for All Women

What’s a woman’s strength and weakness?”, someone asked.

“ Caring for others and caring for herself!”, another said!

Isn’t it the same trait that honestly falls in both categories? Women love to overdo things and also complain about it. Though we know the key here is moderation, a factor every person works towards in their lifetime. Women and routine go hand in hand. We love routines whether we could handle them or not.

Honestly, many women are great at multi-tasking. Most would agree openly, still some would prefer to nod their head in silence to this. Today’s women have conquered most spheres and are also overwhelmed because of it. Most woman’s common thought process makes them think if they’ve really done enough. The only sphere where a woman is flooded with doubts is when it comes to spending time…..continued…..

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