Pursuit of wellness — #18 | Cardio or weight training.

Pursuit of wellness — #18 | Cardio or weight training.

Dear Snacking nation!!

Its a common question among the weight watchers as to what is good for the physical wellbeing in the long run, whether to do cardio exercises or regular weight training. There are ample studies and real life examples for and against both.

Cardio training works on depleting the energy reserves in liver thereby leading to calorie usage. It aerobically combusts the calories which are readily available to be used as energy. Whereas weight training works on the muscles and helps them to be exerted for growth. As the muscle grows they in turn require more energy to maintain basal metabolic rate and thereby keeping the person efficient in usage of energy for the same food input.

On the metric of energy usage per session, the cardio is definitely a winner as compared to weight training but the question we need to ask is what is good in long run to keep us healthy and fit.

weight training consumes lesser energy during the training phase but the energy usage is steady and continuous in the post training phase also. Moreover it improves the vitality and strength for carrying out day today activities and thereby improves the functional fitness.

So a better way for training will be to combine the both with larger allocation for the weight training and few cardio sessions in between to keep your heart pumping faster 😉

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