6 Ways to Build An Exercise Routine That Works For All Women

6 Ways to Build An Exercise Routine That Works For All Women

6 Ways to Build An Exercise Routine That Works For All Women

“What’s a woman’s strength and weakness?”, someone asked.

“ Caring for others and caring for herself!”, another said!

Isn’t it the same trait that honestly falls in both categories? Women love to overdo things and also complain about it. Though we know the key here is moderation, a factor every person works towards in their lifetime. Women and routine go hand in hand. We love routines whether we could handle them or not. 

Honestly, many women are great at multi-tasking. Most would agree openly, still some would prefer to nod their head in silence to this. Today’s women have conquered most spheres and are also overwhelmed because of it. Most woman’s common thought process makes them think if they’ve really done enough. The only sphere where a woman is flooded with doubts is when it comes to spending time caring for her well-being. 

There is always a common question many woman ask themselves: Have they been a good daughter, a wife or a mother? Women wonder often if they are spending too much time at work or too much time at home, but never once they think if they are spending too much time on themselves! Ask a woman to sit and do nothing for 5 minutes, she would look at you with wide eyes that will make you wonder if by any chance you thought she was jobless. Simply put, woman put them last when it comes to taking care of their health. Here’s a general statistics that shares what women go through:

Whether you’re a full-time working woman or a part-time working woman, a single mother or a stay at home mom, all go through the same process. Like the weaning moon, all women have their good, bad and ugly days. There’s one thing that hasn’t changed in stories we all listen about women since the times of our great-grandmothers. Though she conquered the outside world, it is she who always had the family on her shoulders. She owned the kitchen and still does, just like she owns the responsibilities in the house as much as she does at work. With so much crowding her mind, exercise seems to be the last thing on her mind. 

Life hasn’t changed much since then when it comes to women and responsibilities. Today’s life is filled with stress elements and most affect women naturally. With fast paced life, we are constantly breaking rules to live our life on our own terms. We become what we are thought to be by others

  • Women must keep themselves busy at all times. 
  • Women must always put others needs before their own. 
  • Women owns the major share of responsibilities in the house.
  • Women must always be nurturing.
  • A woman is completely responsible for how a child grows.

So, there is already a checklist for how a woman should be. Still, it takes women lots of courage to stand for herself at all times. When it comes to managing the work and life balance what a woman actually needs is time for herself apart from the time she spends for everything else. Women always tend to accomplish more than they really think they can, yet they tend to feel guilty for accomplishing less.

Honestly, a woman’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is important to run the family efficiently. When it comes to managing the home and work, a woman gives all it takes to run it well, including her sanity. So, here are 6 ways to step back from daily life and make time for exercise within your routine:

  1. Find Your Escape

Women like things to be the way they are, the way they’d feel them to be. When sharing work with family members, it cannot be accomplished overnight. Women need to share chores with family members and let them do the work without being right behind them. For a start, one would feel, it doesn’t matter about the extra time spent, but it can be done by themselves. Still, it is important to stand back and watch. If still you can’t stand back and watch, let this be your escape. Take the walk you’ve been postponing or the dance you’ve been delaying.

2. Saying it With Grace

One of the most important yet difficult decision for a woman is saying NO. As sincere as it can be, women always feel they can bite more since they have to not because they want to. So, it is vital to not feel guilty for saying No and it is definitely alright to have less things on the plate especially if that is all that you want to eat. An exercise routine is part of your everyday activity and it is as important as eating a meal daily.

3. Self-Help is the Best Help

Women love to advice and care much when it comes to others health. One must believe the same is applicable to them as well. As much as we care for others, it is essential to put ourselves first. We run the family and our health is as important as anyone’s health in the family. Spend a few minutes jumping with joy or walk the talk and care for your health starting today. 

4. Have a Let Out Through a Hobby

After a certain period, women tend to feel that hobby is meant for free time. Since one cannot find free time as often as they could since childhood, the hobby takes a back seat. It is essential to understand that if we don’t free our time, no one else would offer us a free time. Practicing a hobby is a stress-buster. It enables us to think creatively and is a way to let out our negativity. It is the cup that we can refill as many times as we want to. Practicing a hobby awakens a sense of accomplishment, a vital element for our personal growth. 

5. Plan Your Day Ahead

One cannot stress on this enough. Many think about what to cook, what to wear, what to do, when to do almost everyday. Humans love routine, but love to follow the ones only set by others. When we start planning our day, we tend to find our time-wasters. It could be scrolling through your Facebook Feed or any Social Media for that matter. Identifying where we waste our time can make us use it for a more important task that stands pending for a long time. For example, spend your time listening to music as you walk or get on the floor and dance. Write down every thing you do in a day, make it a habit, you will be able to figure out the time slots which can be converted to a productive workout.

6. Eat your Frog

Women tend to prioritize differently. Anything that’s their work falls last on the list in comparison to others. As much as we want to complete a lot for others, it is essential to accomplish our needs, our work and our joys to relieve the stress of how important we are. When it comes to exercising, we can procrastinate it for a long time. Spending 15 minutes everyday towards meditation or walking (any form of exercise that excites you) helps form a routine that lasts for a longer time.

We are important and we need to believe it. Believe it and stand up for yourself, so you can stand up for others happily. Just like our daily multi-vitamins, a form of physical activity is vital for our body. We all know when endorphins are released we feel happy. There is no better way than exercising to stay away from depression and better our overall health. Exercising has a lot of benefits that could definitely be welcomed warmly.

  1. Apart from resolving a lot of medical conditions, exercising everyday brings a serenity that reduces stress.

2. Spending 15 minutes on exercising everyday brings a sense of personal commitment and perseverance.

3. There could be huge variety of exercises you always wanted to try, trying everything lets us know what works for us and what doesn’t and helps build a routine.

4. Your immunity gets better and your overall health improves. The fatigue that once followed you takes a break from your daily life.

5. You tend to smile often and you have a great reserve of energy to manage the day better.

6. You become a natural planner with no time for negativity.

As woman our lives are so different, our roles and duties are never-ending, still there is some point that matches in our lives and we all love meeting each other there. As women, we must not go looking for a Knight, we are looking for our tribe, we are looking for a sword! 

Happy Woman’s Day.