Pursuit of wellness - #17 | Power of detox

Pursuit of wellness — #17 | Power of detox

Dear Snacking nation!!

 While we were discussing about Intermittent fasting for quite sometime in our section, today can see regarding a similar topic that has been discussed in the health forums — detox.

Detox or detoxification is nothing but getting rid of the harmful particles that are generated in the body as a result of the metabolic processes. The beauty with human body is that it has self-acting mechanisms to take care of detoxification processes but its good to have periodical externally induced detox to accelerate the processes.

The following are some of the simple detox methods suggested.

  1. Water fasting
  2. Using detox teas and fruit infused water
  3.  Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates intake for few days
  4. Fruit and vegetable diet

we can see about the practical difficulties and more tips on detox and cleanse in coming days.

Now we can get on with the stories of the week.

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