7 Healthy Habits You Should Add Into Your Food Routine Right Now

7 Healthy Habits You Should Add Into Your Food Routine Right Now

You’ve done everything in your power and convenience. Cutting down on Sugar. Taking stairs instead of the elevator. Substituting almost everything you eat with everything that looks green and leafy.

It’s been a month since you made up your mind to start a healthy living and be fit, but the results just won’t show. Some people have the luxury of time and money. They work out for hours, consult expert nutritionists and do whatever it takes to lose that extra ounce of fat.

So if you’re stuck in front of a screen for 10 hours a day or too busy studying books much heavier than those weights at the gym or just too broke, here are some healthy habits you should add to your Routine right now!

Bring back the villains

Rise above the clichéd habits of quitting everything unhealthy just because you heard it is unhealthy. For instance, avoiding fat can actually make you gain weight. Same goes for ghee, butter, protein and many other foods that are vilified unnecessarily. Do your homework, prepare a proper diet plan, and eat healthily.

Healthy Snacks

Even if one successfully turns off their desire for the unhealthy diet plan which they used to follow, one of the biggest challenges is to somehow control the snack cravings that comes back every few hours. Well, there are a few healthy choices in the market after all. And yet again, they are avoided in the fear of being too junky. Here are a few great ones:

  • Nuts and seeds : Nuts are packed with whole lot of nutrients, which make them crunchy picks as a perfect midday snack. They are handy and easy to carry without any mess. Plus, they make an incredibly source of plat based protein and fat.
  • Dried Fruits : Having a sweet tooth? Get it fixed by having lip-smacking combinations of dried fruits for the perfect little fruity boost. One of the healthy companion for your morning oatmeal.
  • Dark Chocolate: Craving for chocolate? Here’s a healthier alternative, dark chocolate is good for your heart, brain, blood sugar and is full of minerals which is essential for our body. For more options, according to what suits your taste, here’s a little place!!

Power Workout

Can’t find time to hit the gym? Try HIIT (high-intensity interval training) instead. It is a form of training in high intensity for short intervals or low/moderate intensity for long intervals. It helps in burning calories, improves metabolism, limits muscle loss, and is just as beneficial as a normal workout session.


Remember the original question I asked in the beginning? Why even after your measures, you seem to stay neutral? Inconsistency is the answer.

People eat healthy inconsistently. If you have a time table, stick to that. If you don’t, prepare and stick to one. If few calories for breakfast, few for lunch and few for dinner is your plan, then don’t go ahead and skip one of the components the next day. Some break after a 2 week run and go for a cheat day, while some last just a few days. Be as consistent as possible. And speaking of cheat days,

Counter-attack your cheat day

Cheat days are not a crime. It is only natural that your brain starts craving things, after a barrage of things you have which you ate only for the sake of eating. But if you do, don’t let that break your chain and drag your cheat day to cheat week. Start the damage control immediately.

Walk your way to fitness

Start creating reasons to start walking and cycling. If your daily commute involves going to a place which is about 5kms away, start using a cycle instead of your bike or car. Or if you use public transport and take a rickshaw or other modes to reach the bus stand, try walking instead. This may not seem to make a big difference at first. But hey, you will be doing a cardio session mindlessly every time you get out of your house.

Be a crazy fan boy

The only way you can make any difference is by enjoying the very process you follow. Following the diet by making an ugly face will just make you end up with a slice (or the whole box) of pizza very soon. Be passionate about it. Maintain a nutrition journal, follow inspiring fitness blogs and page. Thinking healthy leads to being healthy!!

And one of the things that need not be mentioned but is still very important and the prime reason people quit is, procrastination. These are habits for which you don’t have to create time in your busy schedule, but merely swap them with those which you already do. So if you really need to know when is the best time to start thinking about health. There is an answer, and it is: NOW!

What small healthy habits do you follow that makes a big difference in your life?