Pursuit of wellness — #16 | Intermittent fasting — Types and Methods

Pursuit of wellness — #16 | Intermittent fasting — Types and Methods

Dear Snacking nation!!

As seen in our last mail, intermittent fasting methods have been picking up quite a bit among the weight watchers community. It is also said to solve the issues/ diseases such as Type II Diabetes, chronic obesity and also helps in the regeneration of the tissue cells — Also called autophagy. 

Leaving the fancy terms aside, this is just stopping your eating for a specified amount of time, Which is also called as fasting cycle and feasting cycle. The types vary with the duration of fasting and feasting. The fasting period can start from 12 hours ( Usual meal time between the dinner on previous day and breakfast on the next day) to 36, 48 hours etc.

Since the period for the fasting is longer one , it is normally allowed to have water, green tea and black coffee without sugar during these periods. At the same time the feasting window can be used for feeding with nourishing foods and its always good to avoid processed sugary foods to keep the insulin spikes to normal.

In the coming weeks we can see on with the trips and tricks to manage the intermittent fasting for better results.

Now we can get on with the stories of the week.

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