Pursuit of wellness — #15 | Intermittent fasting

Pursuit of wellness — #15 | Intermittent fasting

Dear Snacking nation!!

Eating healthy and ideal weight management rests on the two key factors

  1. What to eat ?
  2. When to eat ?

90% of the discussions in the mainstream blogs are centered around the first question but the second one is equally an important question where sufficient focus is not given.

There has been an increasing school of thought emerging which is key to our understanding that fasting periodically for the prolonged period of time is actually good from the perspectives of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Autophagy etc.

We cal allocate next few weeks to explore various aspects of Intermittent fasting or in short IF.

Now lets get on with story of this week.

All you need to know about the life saving sugar

Wedding bells were ringing in my neighbour’s house and I was so excited to be attending with all the joy and laughter. Food, family, relatives and friends were thronging in and setting up the tone of the house. My particularly favourite part of the wedding is the good food that you get to eat,


I was eyeing around the house just to find the different varieties of sweets neatly arranged in huge plates. One glance I had and it made me sulk at the very thought of burning calories and the hours of workout I have to do if I were to eat those deliciously rich sweets. Skipping my thoughts right away, I hesitantly went and took a sweet and much to my disbelief, it looked all brown. I started wondering if the sweet was charred or was it a chocolate cookie. Confused by the colour????Continued….

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