Pursuit of wellness - #14 | Magic fruit avacado

Pursuit of wellness — #14 | Magic fruit avacado

Dear Snacking nation!!

We all have our favorite fruits. Some people like them for their tastes or color, texture or the fragrance etc. I have always felt that fruits are one of the finest forms of foods that are natural and at the same time tasty and satiating in its raw form.

Of late there are discussions around the instant glucose release from the fruits when consumed. In a way it is good for the people in general as it will have an immediate release of energy. But not so good for the weight watchers.

Instant spike of glucose and thereby insulin is not so good for achieving weight reduction among the insulin resistant folks ( who primarily constitute the obese/ over weight category of people).

At the same time it will be a real sin to devoid ourselves of the fruits. What is the middle path here ?

Avacado is one such fruit that is not only tasty but also is rich with good fats. A random search will reveal various articles speaking about the multitude good characteristics of avacado. We at Snackexperts strongly recommend to all our customers and to our team here to have a portion of avacado daily as a part of your diet.

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet For “Mompreneurs” To Balance Work and Family

Uufff, being a woman itself is a difficult task, that’s what we millennials say, on top of that who would even try to be a “MOMPRENEUR”. There is nothing to stop a goal oriented women, yes true it is.

Lets try to sort out the stupid traffic cones blocking the path of an unstoppable women. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet for “MOMPRENEURS” to balance work and family.

  • 1. Patience
  • 2. Prior Planning
  • 3. Being healthy- Have a diet schedule
  • 4.One at a time……Continued ….

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