Pursuit of wellness - #13 | Health and minimalism

Pursuit of wellness — #13 | Health and minimalism

Dear Snacking nation!!

On daily basis we are bombarded with the information regarding healthy and smart living. After a while it becomes a chore in itself to keep a track of what all we need to do on daily basis to achieve the so called perfect healthy life.

This can be quite a daunting task isn’t it. Needn’t be.

The answer to this lies in the lives of our forefathers. If we look through the stories of our grandfathers/mothers who have lived happily for 80+ years, you will find that they didn’t have the luxury of all the information we possess. Nevertheless they followed some basic daily disciplines around food, fitness and cleansing. This is basically sufficient for all of us to lead a healthy life — just a tweak here and a twist there to suit out lifestyles.

So instead of chasing the next hot blog in lifehacker or Menshealth- we may as well spend some quality time with our elders to see what they do on a daily basis 🙂

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Now onto the stories of this week.

Make that Coffee-Breaks Work — Killer Productivity Hack for Team Building

Sam was a manager in a corporate managing a team of 8 under him. Staring at him was everyday problems of team building — productivity, motivation, and bonding. He had noticed broken groups within the team, fractured communication channel and the team not having each other’s back. Added to it was stress, demanding individual personal lives of his team.

If you have been in Sam’s shoes; or if you are able to understand this situation by being an in-member of the team, this is for you…..continued…

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