Pursuit of wellness — #12 | We are going Eco !!!

Pursuit of wellness — #12 | We are going Eco !!!

Dear Snacking nation!!

Completing the education for environmental engineering and being a food entrepreneur has given an unique disposition to see and observe the food manufacturing / production from the environmental perspective.

One such thing that has been bothering me for quite sometime was unscrupulous use of plastics in the food industry. Not only in our company but also on the food delivery sector as a whole.

Amidst this scenario, a good development is the recent Tamil Nadu GO for banning single use plastics. Since the plastics were no longer acceptable and there was an internal opinion to go eco way, we quickly switched to the cloth bags. The design is lovely, its durable and we love them !!

Slowly we are planning to switch away from our plastic pouches for the products. Although they are not banned, we have started deliberations to go the Eco way.

Thanks to our innovative design team and the procurement for making this a reality.

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Now onto this week’s stories

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