Pursuit of wellness — #11 | Keto mania

Pursuit of wellness — #11 | Keto mania


Dear Snacking nation,

Every 5 years or so for the past 3 decades, we have been introduced to new and innovative ways to loose weight and be healthy. Fundamentals of maintaining ideal and healthy weight being almost the same for everyone, the processes and names seems to add fancy to the entire process.

Eg, Vegan diet, GM diet, Atkins diet etc..

Coming in the list is Keto diet which although has been around for quite some time but has gained popularity off late. Keto is loosely based on avoiding carbohydrates completely with the primary energy source being fats and proteins.

Compared to other crash diets, keto is something that makes bit more sense as this is pretty much similar to our evolutionary diet pattern of our forefather stone age man. Before domesticating plants, man was habituated to hunting and consuming animal meat — combined with optimal exercise this had led to him being in optimal weight. This forms the basis of keto diet.

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Now onto the stories of this week.

Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to Snackexpertshealthy snacks delivery for your office.

At first instance, you might feel that there is a mistake with the title. Trust me — the title is very right :-).

Although we believe Snackexperts is an absolute must for any modern workplace, we get it — its not suitable for every workplace.

Our snacks have been designed with the good health of our customers in mind. we design our service to ensure that it fits with all your requirements and being healthy at the same time. We can vouch for and defend the healthiness of every ingredient and the processes that go into preparing and delivering continued…….


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