Pursuit of wellness — #10 | Are your new year resolutions- resolute ?

Pursuit of wellness — #10 | Are your new year resolutions- resolute ?


Dear Snacking nation,

There are two categories of folks among us. one who make resolutions every new year, which they may or may not follow through and others who stay clear of the resolutions quagmire 🙂

Resolutions are in a way good. They give us the initial push to break free from the existing mental patterns. We can use the new found energy to successfully carry on with our desired goal, well begun is half done as they say. They also help us to revisit our value systems, the way we give importance to certain aspects of our life and how we aspire to bring about a change.


Now the problems are with how we keep up with those resolutions. The resolutions are very good for first few days but just after — life happens. Say if your resolution is to jog daily in the morning, you start by skipping one day, that becomes two and by the time you recognize that it’s almost a week you have tied your running shoes.


The problem is not with the resolutions per se but how it is executed. Its always good to start things gradually and keep it consistent. Any good habit need not wait for the new year. we can choose any day of the year and execute in a consistent fashion.


For good habits, Any day can be Day 1 🙂


Now let’s get on with the last week’s happenings.


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