Pursuit of wellness — #9 | Healthy snacking or snackwell effect ??

Pursuit of wellness — #9 | Healthy snacking or snackwell effect ?? 


Dear Snacking nation

As we all getting ready to welcome 2019, I wanted to share an interesting fact about issues with our snacking habits. We are always in look out for the next healthy snack that will be satiating, tasty and also healthy. We need some guilt free food that we can stash to manage our cravings at all times — and I bet we all have one such snack in our kitchen / Pantry.


But the problem is easy availability and being convinced that the snack that we are eating is healthy, there is a possibility to overeat the snack. This is called “ The Snackwell effect”. The belief that a particular low calorie food is much healthier than a high calorie one. The belief leads to over eating of the food leading to higher calorie levels. This is precise reason we are seeing higher obesity levels with the increase in the awareness for the healthy and smart foods in the super market shelves.


Now lets get on with stories of this week…..


8 Weight loss rules for Healthy Dieting

Before you start a diet, become an expert in it. Know the pros and cons of the diet. Most of us read the title “Lose 10 Kg in 5 days with this miracle diet” and take a look at the picture of bananas beneath it and start eating only that for the next few hours.

Each diet has its own set of rules….



Ways to improve your focus in distracted world

We keep on thinking what we must do to be productive. Everyone has some objective and plan in our life.

We have to keep on increasing our concentration to achieve our goal without getting distracted. But we see there are a lot of diversions in our present lives.



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