Munch on Towards A Happy and Healthy 2019

Munch on Towards A Happy and Healthy 2019

Munch on Towards A Happy and Healthy 2019

With just a day left for the year to wrap up, it is time to rejoice the fantastic moments and be thankful for the troubles that made us stronger this year. We all had varied set of goals to achieve this year. Some would have accomplished a few, whereas others would have achieved most. Still, there would be a few left on our plates that we would like to hold on to in 2019. After all, 

We must stay committed to our goals, but we can definitely be flexible about the approach.

This is the vital element to achieve goals. Aren’t we delighted about another fresh start in 2019? Most of our common goals include a healthier and happier version of ourselves. So, to all the people out there, just trust you are doing great and will continue it in the coming year.

If you are looking for resolutions here, sorry buddy, that’s not the lane many walk now. Instead, there is a better approach to keep the goals work throughout the year. It is focusing on a “Word” by choosing a “Word of the Year” and aligning it with our lives.

Do your goals last more than a month? Well, does it last after the first week? Here’s some reasons why they flicker after a while,

The goals we choose are mostly the one that flashes frequently on our minds, but we ignore them because we are already busy.
We want to accomplish some of our goals to get better, but we choose to procrastinate.
We let ourselves believe that we are not yet prepared to handle things.

Are we not the best people to convince ourselves? 

That’s where words play a vital role. For example, think choosing Happy, it is easy to remember and becomes a constant reminder in our daily lives. We all need at least one happy thing a day. Happiness cannot be mundane and we all love variety in our lives. A book can make someone happy, but a movie can make another happy. You see the point? When we think Happy, we will work on a 100 happy days or 365 happy days with gratitude. Slowly, but steadily we know we are changing for the better. Oh, yes, let’s talk about failure here. We all would have surely failed many times this year, but how many of us decided to get up and get going from where we left? However, with a word, we can get back up and start where we left because we know we won’t have a rigid routine. Can a goal get more authentic?

So let’s discuss 5 simple ways for a happy and healthy 2019. 

Breathe out Often — Funny right? This is one of the best ways to release stress. Any parent, irrespective of the age will vouch for it. Breathing out is better than the first set of words that come out when we are angry. It takes a while, but it is worth the try.
Move Around Often — Exercise looks a bit more of a routine to me. Instead, let’s push ourselves to take a walk, or a jog or even do some moves watching a video. Do something, after all, we need to start getting consistent before following a routine. Why sit, when we can walk the talk, run about and also laugh a lot?

Let It Go — More often than not, we clutter our minds as much as we can. We keep it so busy that we don’t really know how much drained we feel at the end of the day. Let things be. Water your thoughts with some positive words everyday. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. — Good food and good sleep are two vital elements for a refreshing day. Never compromise on it, ever. A healthy meal is a wise investment and it must be a daily habit. Eat the right food at the right time everyday and you will have to do very little exercise. Let’s focus on the snacks we munch on. Aren’t many who are strict about their diet from morning to night love to binge on snacks? Snacking is the most important part of dieting. Snack it right to a healthier lifestyle.

Do what you love
— Remember the happy moments we usually share with others. We also add up that we would be happy if we did those often. Write, color, draw, read a book, quill, draw a kolam, meditate, doodle, sing a tuneless song, write poetry. Do any of this or more even if you aren’t good at it. Every heart loves art in some form. Similarly, you will strike a chord with something you love. Just do it.

Let 2019 be a year where we focus on getting better and giving back in a better way. This is the festive season and aren’t we delighted by the joy of giving? Generosity brings Good Luck! 😊 All the best to a bright and beautiful 2019.

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