Pursuit of wellness — #7 | Winter season and comfort foods

Pursuit of wellness — #7 | Winter season and comfort foods

Hi Snacking nation!!

Winter : Christmas : Netflixing santa movies: Food 

Winter comes with the associated pleasant memories every year. The chain of events and associated thoughts is never complete without food. When we talk about winter foods and that too in the season of festivities, all that comes to our attention is the sugar filled pastries, rich dough cookies and lots and lots of fried turkey ( Chicken in India -)).

As with every other festive season, The idea is — moderation. Select a day or set of days for your indulgence and try to stick onto your regular healthy functional diet on other days. By this way we don’t have to sacrifice our happiness and also not be in guilt zone for too long.

If any of you is serious about going on a detox before the big festival, the following is a nice piece shared here.

Now lets get on with stories of this week.

The Secrets of Healthy Snacking for Kids + 5 Easy Adopt Habits

Managing your career, home and kids is never easy. We hear you. Providing your family, especially the growing kids with healthy food is a challenge.

You are up against pre-packed snacks, and fast-foods, tantrums and a few tears and some frowns.

The ‘Let’s Move’ campaign started by Mrs. Michelle Obama……



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