Pursuit of wellness — #6 | Healthy foods and food brands

Pursuit of wellness — #6 | Healthy foods and food brands

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Food has been a concept of discussion for most of us interested in health and wellness. Internet is also filled with of ideas/ concepts with most of them being far away from truth. The wisdom, thus will be to arrive at any conclusion based on the combination of verifiable on-line + off-line information.

Recently , I happen to speak to a gentleman who happened to be the head of a catering services at a famous tech company in Bangalore. As usual my pitch went on something like this. 

Sir — We manufacture and supply healthier snacks that are free of preservatives , additives and other bad stuffs like sugar, maida, MSG etc. We believe that they are definitely better than the conventional preservative and sugar laden snacks in your pantry. You can give us a try.

He was very happy to see our range of products and the innovation in product development etc..He went on to say something like this.

Arun, I do like all your varieties and they are tasty too. But we have a policy of buying only established BRANDS in our pantry. Although you are right that most of them have colours, preservatives and are filled with sugar, nevertheless it’s not an easy exercise for us to convince people to move away from the so called established brands to more healthier options.

As consumers we are totally taken away by the advertisements and promotions wherein we fail to vet our products for the basic health parameters. Are we asking sufficient questions based on the ingredients regarding the HEALTHINESS of the products ??

With this thought let’s go to this week stories.

Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to Snackexperts healthy snacks delivery.

The calorie is a way to measure energy — 1 calorie is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree. In other terms, how much energy is our body deriving from the food we eat, be it a vegetable or pastry. Let’s attempt to compare the amount of food that is consumed for 200 calories

If energy from eating the foods is the same, where does the difference come in?

It is in what goes into making that food — the macro-nutrients and the micro-nutrients, and the way our body utilizes these that makes the difference. Macro nutrients are the proteins, carbohydrates and fat.


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