Pursuit of wellness — #5 | Muscle memory and the concept of Mojo


Pursuit of wellness — #5 | Muscle memory and the concept of Mojo


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Like any good business, for personal life also we tend to have lots of KIP. This can be for various aspects of life like — financial, health, social, spiritual, pertaining to relationships etc.. Among these metrics, we have few that are truly important for us. Let us call them as true north metrics.

I have one for each — health, business and passion. Since they are pretty big audacious goals, they tend to take longer time period to achieve them. We have built in motivation for most of the time but few days those motivation totally dies down. Again after few days we start with the same vigor. This goes on like a cyclical curve thereby delaying our time to reach the goal.

Now enters the concept of addressing the motivation death. It can be negated by breaking the works into smaller tasks and never leaving the work in between for long time. This brings us to the today’s concept of muscle memory.

This term is particularly associated with the strength training wherein continuous workouts will lead to proper posture, reduced pain and better gains. When we break the streak and leave a break for few days, its like we have to begin with zero again. This applies to most of our habits. If we want to see a progressive result, let us ensure not to break the momentum by doing the activity on DAILY basis — even though it may be lesser in quantum.

Mojo is somewhat related concept which is as explained by the famous writer Darren hardy in his book The compound effect. It is a point at which successively lesser effort is needed to complete the same amount of work compared to what was needed at the beginning. 

For Example : When we run 5k km for the first time after a significant gap , the amount of effort seems very high. But when we repeatedly run for quite some time, the effort required seems relatively less and becomes easy.

Working on longer goals require CONCERTED ACTION over a long period of time to deliver result. To keep things interesting and doable , we have to split them into smaller bits and make it as a daily habit.

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